Friday, June 1, 2012


Tonight, I am sitting on my recliner with my arms propped up uncomfortably while I try to type before too many things escape my mind about the past week or so. The reason for the odd propping is because of a nasty case of poison ivy or oak or something I am allergic toothat has turned certain areas of my skin into a giant boil. This is not a sexy look for my “stay-cation”, but it is what it is.
I have been trying to fit in some movies during my time off and they have all been fairly entertaining in their own way. I saw the summer movie disaster, “The Last Airbender”, based on the wildly successful Nickelodeon cartoon. I don’t think, outside of Masters of the Universe from the 80’s, have I ever seen a movie take a simple premise that should work and mess it up as royally as they did here. The script is mind-numbing, the casting is just offensively bad, and that is being generous. Someone, somewhere along the way should have seen some dailies and thought that this wasn’t working. I just was dumbstruck by the poor decisions made with this movie. Not even Boys Nite worthy, just kind of sad.
Tammy and I had a movie day together, something we haven’t had in a very long time. We watched the weep-fest “Love Story” and I don’t think Tammy was too impressed. This had been the second or third time I have seen it, so I was mainly watching it for her reactions. They were fairly mixed.
We took an “intermission” and had lunch at The Lunch Box, which is a really great place. They are big on the 1980’s kids nostalgia, the food was fresh (much of it local produce and meats) and the atmosphere was family friendly, but plenty of adult beverages to be found on hand. I am looking forward to going back for dinner sometime soon.
We finished up our movie day with “Drive” starring Ryan Gosling, Albert Brooks and the Beast himself, Ron Perlman. I loved this film. It seemed plucked straight from the Michael Mann/Walter Hill catalog of movies from the 1980’s. Tammy even recognized this vibe from the opening credits. It was very music driven and the atmosphere (and Gosling’s scorpion jacket) was a solid match. I just can’t say enough about this movie. Rent it, buy it and you will love it.
Planning on giving the NBC show “Grimm” a shot, they have the full season on HULU right now, so I plan on taking a look and seeing if it is a good fit for me. The weekend ahead is filled with having some pleasant visits with friends, then some quiet time tomorrow afternoon. Sunday is church gatherings and Quinn spending lots of time with Tammy’s family. I hope that Boys Nite comes to fruition this week; we have a doozy of a flick on tap if we can pull it off. Otherwise, I plan on resting up for another work week.
Peace and hair grease….

Movie Day

Had a movie day with wife, made me think of one of my favorite movie posters. The poster used for
Day of the Dead.