Friday, August 17, 2012

Giving up (on facebook) is hard to do.

I recently gave up facebook news feed reading.

I had too because my blood pressure could no longer handle the pre-election, under-educated madness I was reading almost daily.

Posts about the election, posts about religion, posts about the culture wars permeating through our state and country.

My wife made fun of me, rightly so. I am a rambler and ranter without conviction. A zealot in the religion of ME.

I even admit to cheating and looking tonight, scrolled my news feed one click and saw a post about the evil that is "Obama."

I will keep posting, keep tweeting, responding to friend requests and keep writing.

I just can't handle the stupid

Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Day after Quinn Day

1am: The Boy just woke us up effectively kicking me out of bed again. He just can't sleep without snuggling. He fascinates me more everyday. He takes my baseball caps and puts them on his head, proud of wearing, as he puts it, "Daddy's Hat." His desire to emulate me, is the source of my biggest pride and biggest fear. I have accomplished a lot, but have very little in the bank or "social status" to show for it. Like every parent, I want him to be able to face challenges with strength and with a resolve for success that I have rarely had.
His adoption was finalized to years ago yesterday, I am praying and meditating on the hope of putting aside old fears and failures so that as he grows he can find more reasons to emulate me other than that we both can rock a ball cap with swagger.