Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Daddy Day Care

Have to admit, staying at home with Quinn has presented some challenges:

.Pulling him away from the television - the kid loves TV, pulling him away to other projects has been challenging. A lot of the good free events for kids that normally go on during the week are not being offered during the holiday season. Come on January!

. Not "over-napping" - it's winter and I work night shift. This is a challenge more for me than for him. That nap-time in the afternoon sure looks cozy and inviting. Plus, it makes it hell on Tammy when she is trying to go to bed at night.

.Kid wants to constantly be on the go now. He never wants to stop, I think home is all about bed time and being forced to eat things other than chicken and French fries. Even tonight, we did some stuff around town and he still didn't want to come home. Too busy partying in the "bye-bye" car....

There has been one major plus side: I have grown more attached to this kid than I ever thought I could. When at worm or out with the guys, I genuinely miss hanging out with him. It is like have a crazed frat brother roommate. Without the drunken stupors.

I don't think I could tire of this. Planning on starting work on my MBA in the Spring, so him,plus work, plus school, should bring some adversity, but with the great support system I have at work, and my wife and greatest love, Tammy. Things are gonna be great in 2013.

Peace and hair grease...