Thursday, November 29, 2012


Today, my wife lost her best friend. Charlie was around before me. He roamed up and down the hallways of our home, looking for food or love for almost a decade. It used to drive me insane, now the house seems terribly quiet.

My Dad loved him too. I will never forget his insistence that we go to Pet Smart and get him a present for Christmas. He always wanted him to fight and wrestle with him, but Charlie never got mad. That always cracked my Dad up.

My friend Spencer was a big fan of Charlie's. Spencer would come over and rub his back for hours on Boys' Nite, or any other occasion here. I am pretty sure Spencer is not going to know what to do with himself the next time he comes over.

I loved him too. He was always loud, always stinky, always in my face but he was always, my Charlie.

Peace and Hair Grease


The holidays seem to get rougher for me as I get older. I tend to now, miss the innocence and wonder of the season. Depressing, huh? I am gonna make some changes in my personal habits and routines, that I think will help. Plus, I am going to be home with the family more. I think that being here will be a big positive for me, as well.

Right now our old dog, Charlie is pretty sick and we are just devastated. He has been a constant companion for Tammy, long before I ever came along. He has been a real part of our family. I hope he can turn this corner and get back to being his old self.

Quinn seems to just be in awe of everything this year. Southern Lights, other homes decorations and just what we have around the house, his reactions have been our greatest joy so far this holiday season.

The Daddy Day Care experience has been fun so far. I am going to start working on my MBA, so I better like it. I do feel us bonding a bit more and I hope that I can be a better role model for him in the coming year.

Hope to join this new gym here on the North End, Planet Fitness, and see if I can actually whip myself into shape in the coming year. We are hoping to go to Vegas in the Spring, so I gotta look good.... Hehehe.

Well, I hope to make this more of a personal nightly journal. Which will become, really annoying, but the page will be what it is and it makes me feel good to vent a bit. Whether I have other readers or not.

Peace and hair grease