Monday, January 28, 2013

2013: Busy Year So Far, So Good

      The best part of blogging is it's ability to allow you to procrastinate more important things: homework, sleep so that I will get up and go to gym or reruns of Red Dwarf on Netflix. Ya know, the important things.

     Tonight I am listening to some Brian Wilson (Re imagines Gershwin from 2010) and drinking tea and honey whiskey and smiling a bit. Quinn had a glowing 3 year check up and that is always a relief. He is increasingly becoming a handful, but he is just a party hound. He just wants to dance and sing, read a book, work a puzzle and watch some TV. He is my little twin and he loves his Momma as much as I do.

     School is progressing (though as I said, at a pretty slow to nonexistent pace tonight). I am excited that I will achieved a MBA and begin working towards my nursing degree. It isn't often that I feel accomplished as a member of the American work force, but I am holding myself up a little higher these days. The only downside is that I increasingly see so many of my work friends moving on to other departments. I have developed great respect for these folks and I hate to see them go, but the will all go on to achieve great things. Me, I like my desk, I just need to change the color of my scrubs and go up another pay grade.

     Proud of Tammy for working on getting her SRNA liscence. While it has taken her away from home this month, I know it will pay off and advance her career. So proud.

     At this point I warn you that things will get "nerdy" so if you need to step away so that it won't wash over you like it has poor Tammy... GO NOW!

     Boy's Nite has not been happening lately. We all have our own things going on right now that have slowed us down a bit.Though Jarrod and I recently saw Taken 2 in a theater with about 5 other people and the heater wasn't working. I can honestly say it was in the lower 40's in the theater before we left. It was an unforgettable experience. The movie is terribly silly and no where near the greatness as the first, but will be worth your time if you see it pop up on Netflix anytime soon.

     Speaking of Netflix, I do love it for the 70's and 80's obscurity that it has. I recently watched a movie called "Charlie Varrick" starring of all people Walter Matthau. Tarantino has often spoke of this movie as an inspiration for both Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction (with a couple of lines of dialogue from Pulp Fiction being lifted from it). I had never heard of it and it just blew me away. Matthau plays a pretty tough guy and the action is pretty rough and gritty for a pretty simple crime caper piece. It has "late" drive-in written all over it. Highly suggested.

      I decided to make my turn to the Dork Side complete by watching the sci-fi comedy "Red Dwarf". It is a British sci-fi sitcom that has been around off and on for around 20 years or so and it is pretty revered by the nerd community so I am giving it a whirl. It is pretty cheesy early going but I have red that it gets better as it progresses, so I will stick it out.

     Well that is about it. My glass is empty and I have rambled myself out.

     Peace and hair grease to all.

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