Monday, February 4, 2013

Netflix-o-rama Episode 1: Season 1 of "Red Dwarf" and the 2010 remake of "Clash of the Titans"

     No prefacing needed; let's dig in.

     "Red Dwarf" is a sci-fi sitcom that has a cult following in Britain and has been off and on in short series since the late 1980's. Warnings: to sci-fi nerds, this is a low-fi 1980's sitcom on par with the likes of Alf or later episodes of Mork and Mindy. Don't look for science fact, don't even look for science fiction; this is a buddy comedy set in space, simple as that. Now as I understand it, about season 4 or so they delve into an over-arching mythology and actually become a "real" sci-fi show as time progressed. It is now considered a classic series, but I tell you there is no promise of that in the first six episodes of this season. It is silliness that should have aired after a very special episode of "Herman's Head." If you didn't get that joke please don't waste your time on this show, it is not meant for you.

     Remember when you used to get that little folded guide from The Movie Channel each month. I used to scour that thing for three movies: "Superman", "For Your Eyes Only" (was my favorite James Bond movie for a long time) and "Clash of The Titans". The gods, the monsters, that stupid owl: all of it made me giddy. Through this movie I learn to love Sir Lawrence Olivier, Maggie Smith (Dowton Abbey rocks) and the stop motion work of Ray Harryhausen. The only reason I watched LA Law was because of Harry Hamlin! So bias exists, but I didn't hate this new movie. I just don't think it had anything original to say.

     I won't bore you with plot details or actor and director resumes, but I did think the cast,direction and effects were great. I see how it made a mint at the box office, but to me it seemed a glossy do-over and sequel-setter-upper for me. Plus, they dissed the owl! I loved the owl! I will be much more interested in its sequel "Wrath of the Titans" when I watch it later this week, to see where the story (hopefully the writers took some time to think about it) goes. Also, it needed more Liam Neeson as Zeus. Hearing him say "RELEASE THE KRAKEN" was a highlight for me....

Peace and hair grease to all.....

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