Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Back In The Saddle

It has been way too long. My fitness level hasn't improved very much, but I went to the gym today. So I guess that is something. HA! 

I have been writing for kyforward.com discussing films and TV. It continues to be a blast. I always wanted an outlet to express myself where I felt like people were actually reading. I love it a lot.

Just started the new job this week and it feels to be a great fit. Becoming a day shift "desk jockey" I think is going to wonders for the home life. 

Random thoughts:
. I have never identified more with Homer Simspson than in the recent episode where he pirated movies to escape the madness of the theaters. It's one of the reasons I love matinee's, escaping the texting and talking wonderful. 

. The Norah Jones CD from 2012 called, "Little Broken Hearts" is not for me. It was just a bit too pop sounding. I listened to it one time through and put it down. 

Anyhow, Peace and Hair Grease to all!

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  1. Welcome Back to blogland! I was just thinking about your blog this morning - and here is this post. :-)